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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Organic Waste Treatment

Reducing Organic Wastewater pollutants with natural Bacteria
Balancing PH to maintain regulative restrictions and avoid paying fines.
Reducing Organic Waster volume by 80% in Industrial Kitchens 
Promotes Cleaner Environment, Saves Money, Improves efficiency.


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Grocery Stores


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Our Services

  • One stop shop – Characterization of your business’s needs in terms of regulation,
    operation and technology.


  • Operational Leasing – A worry-free 24/7 maintenance program.

1. Reducing Industrial Organic Wastewater pollutants with an innovative Bacteria that decomposes and balances it.
Eliminates fines and meets regulative restrictions.

2. Organic Waste Reduction of 80% by Macerating and Dewatering technology. Reduces Green gas emissions, improves efficiency and saves the business Money.

Sustainability In Businesses

In an accelerating world, in which we are constantly developing towards economic and social growth, the impact on the environment is increasing at an exponential rate. Greenhouse gas emissions, industry byproducts & irreversible damage to our ecosystems lower our quality of life and is endangering our entire planet.

Businesses and companies are taking an active role on their social responsibility to capitalize opportunities that channels balance between sustainability & efficiency.


Our Partners

GAIA works in cooperation with Madei Tass.LTD, a Channel Partner of General Electric, which has been active in Israel for more than 25 years in the waste treatment and biogas utilization for power production.


The Team

Noam Revach

Noam Revach

CEO. Company's Manager and Head of Finance, Permaculture enthusiast.

Ori Cohen

Ori Cohen

COO. Company's Operation Manager. Head Of Research and Eco-Logistics.

Adi Sela

CSO. Company's Sales & Customer relations Manager. Innovation lover, People's person.

Shahar Smuliansky

Shahar Smuliansky

CMO. Company's BizDev & Marketing Manager. Cleantech devotee, new markets explorer.

GAIA's Vision

GAIA’s vision is based on the “Gaia Theory” by Nasa’s chemist and inventor Dr. James Lovelock – His hypothesis proposes that Planet Earth by all its elements evolve together as a single living organism. GAIA is an innovative holistic way of understanding our dynamic world, while simultaneously stabilizing the interactions between the varied spheres of the planet we live on. The theory is named after the Greek Goddess of the Earth and the mother of life, “Gaia”.

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